The judges are also getting calls, the Bombay High Court said, people are dying – this is the failure of all of us …

जजों को भी आ रही हैं कॉल, बांबे हाईकोर्ट ने कहा, लोग मर रहे हैं-ये हम सबकी नाकामी है...

Maharashtra Corona Virus Cases are constantly increasing rapidly. (Symbolic) Mumbai: Bombay High Court (Bombay High Court) on Thursday Corona virus management Heard on the issue of public interest litigation regarding (Coronavirus Crisis). Hospitals fire, Lack of oxygen(Oxygen Crisis), hearing on issues like availability of Corona vaccine, the High Court made important comments. The bench said, … Read more

UP will now have a weekly lockdown from 8 pm on Friday to 7 am on Tuesday.

यूपी में अब शुक्रवार को रात 8 बजे से मंगलवार को सुबह 7 बजे तक साप्ताहिक लॉकडाउन होगा

He said that availability of Remedicivir injection is being ensured in the state. Remedisives are being made available every day in all districts. This medicine is being provided free of cost in government hospitals, private hospitals are being supplied on need. The district administration must keep complete details of demand, supply and consumption of this … Read more

Ghee With Milk Benefits: Drinking ghee in milk before going to bed will give glowing skin, relieve stress and sound sleep

Ghee With Milk Benefits: सोने से पहले दूध में घी मिलाकर पीने से मिलेगी ग्लोइंग स्किन, स्ट्रेस से छुटकारा और अच्छी नींद

Ghee With Milk Benefits: In Ayurveda, ghee is known as the golden healthy nectar. Special things In Ayurveda, ghee is known as the golden healthy nectar. Drinking this healthy drink can boost your digestive power. Mixing desi ghee in hot milk and drinking it can benefit in many ways. Health Benefits Of Ghee In Milk: … Read more

“Instead of hiding the statistics of death …”: Priyanka Gandhi gave these 10 tips to CM Yogi in UP due to Corona’s uncontrollable pace

"Instead of hiding the statistics of death ...": Priyanka Gandhi gave these 10 tips to CM Yogi in UP due to Corona's uncontrollable pace

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has also given some suggestions to CM Yogi in his letter. Also urged to consider it. Gandhi said that even the investigation is not going on in rural areas, people in urban areas have a lot of difficulty in getting the investigation done. Report does not come for several days. … Read more

Yoga for gastric problem: do these 5 effective yoga poses to get relief from gastric problems of stomach

Gas Home Remedies: पेट की गैस से छुटकारा पाने के लिए अचूक उपाय हैं ये 5 चीजें, तुरंत गायब होगी गैस और एसिडिटी!

Yoga For Gastric Problem: Irregular routines can affect your stomach health How To Relieve Stomach Problems: Irregular routines are affecting health. In order to cure many types of health problems, we are forced to take expensive tests and medicines. For those staying at their desks for nine hours every day, diet is a major problem. … Read more

China halts operations of cargo planes carrying Corona medical supplies to India

चीन ने भारत को कोरोना चिकित्सा आपूर्ति कर रहे मालवाहक विमानों का परिचालन रोका

Symbolic photo. Beijing: Coronavirus: The official Sichuan Airlines of China India (India) has postponed all its cargo (cargo) flights to the next 15 days, prompting private traders from Beijing to have the much-needed Oxygen Concentrator and others Medical supplies There has been a big hurdle in getting it. The company has taken this step despite … Read more

From the second wave of Corona to the importance of the vaccine, the main things of PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’

PM Modi launches Mann Ki Baat with discussion on corona epidemic New Delhi: Amid the growing outbreak of Corona, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again spoke ‘Mann ki Baat’ on Sunday. This radio program is the 23rd of his second term and the 76th edition till date. PM Modi started his address with a discussion … Read more

Yoga For Stomach Problems: If you are troubled by poor digestion, then doing these 3 yogas daily can benefit

Yogasan For Stomach Problems: खराब पाचन की समस्या से हैं परेशान, तो इन योगासन से होंगी पेट की सभी समस्याएं दूर

How To Get Rid Of Indigestion: Yogasanas are very beneficial to overcome stomach problems. Special things Do this yoga to remove stomach problems. Yoga can keep your overall health healthy. These 3 easy yogasanas will remove all the problems of digestion. Yogasan For Stomach Problems: You may not even realize how beneficial Yogasan is for … Read more