Tips for Building Wealth and Financial Freedom

The concept of “financial freedom” has many meanings to different people. Some define financial independence as purchasing whatever they choose, whenever they please. For many, it may include letting go of concerns over how they will cover unforeseen or enormous spending. It can mean getting out of debt for some, while it might entail having enough money to retire for others. Although some of these interpretations are accurate, only some complete solutions exist.

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We shall define what true financial freedom implies in this blog. We will also examine the actions that can enable you to do so, which is more significant.

Understand Your Situation

Knowing your current situation is the first step to financial freedom. This includes knowing your debt, savings, monthly costs, income, etc. Thus, you must understand your financial statement and its income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. After getting these numbers, write your goals in phase 2 of your financial independence path.


Start investing early and as much as possible to use compounding potential. Next, boost investments by a percentage more than income each year. Another important step is to reach 50-60% equity swiftly. Equity and non-equity assets should be split 60-40. Change that ratio to suit your risk tolerance.

Next, automate your investments with SIPs, and don’t worry about market timing. Finally, adjust and examine your portfolio annually.

Determine your goals: 

Why do you need money? You could pay off an education loan, start a business, travel, arrange your kids’ weddings, retire, etc. You want to do these when you have adequate money.

Thus, money is just a tool for financial success. But by writing down your goals, your money will be aimless, and you will know how to use it. Write your top five goals for the next 1, 5, 10, and 20 years on paper.

SMART goals should also be identified while creating them. It must be specific, quantifiable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals. 

Track Your Expenditures

Tracking expenditure is essential to financial freedom. You can accomplish this in various ways, such as utilizing an Excel spreadsheet or a notebook. You can also use any money tracker feature of any trustworthy app, a simple and helpful method to keep track of your spending. The program automatically tracks your spending, classifying them according to travel, shopping, dining out, etc.

Accounting for your spending promotes accountability and financial freedom. This is a very crucial step. Additionally, it shows several useless purchases you made because you wanted to. If anything, impulsively buying denotes losing control and getting in the way of your efforts to achieve financial freedom. Therefore, you must maintain control by meticulously keeping track of your spending.

Plan your retirement today. 

Young people find it easy to put off retirement savings, yet starting early reduces the amount needed. Try to save 10-15% of your gross wage between you and your company in your 20s. Once you’re in your 30s, increase it to 15-20%. At least contribute enough to earn your company’s full 401(k) match. You can start a regular or Roth IRA alone. The tax advantages of each may make one a better decision for you. While Roth accounts may not offer tax advantages initially, withdrawals are tax-free until age 59 1⁄2, when you may be at a higher tax rate.

Ensure you have debt remaining.

Paying off a huge debt encourages financial freedom in a number of ways. After all, your prospective future cash flow is higher. Your credit standing is excellent. The biggest benefit is that paying off a loan relieves you of a huge load.


There are many levels of complexity to the steps outlined in this blog, so some things come very effortlessly to you, while others take a lot more effort. Your path to financial freedom will go faster with more steps you can complete. It is a choice that you must make based on what suits you the best. 

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