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Who is Clara Chia Marti (Gerard Piqué’s Girlfriend), Check All About her

Clara Chia Marti is trending nowadays and people are searching for her on the internet and want to know about her so in this article we will share with you all the information about Clara Chia Marti.

Clara Chia Marti is a 23-year-old Spanish model who belongs to Barcelona, ​​Spain. She is dating famous Columbian Singer Shakira’s Ex Boyfriend Gerard Piqué. Shakira has had a 12-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend and they have two children, but they broke up after 12 years.

After the breakup with Shakira, when the photos of both Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti together started going viral, now according to the information received from the source, Shakira is very hurt by it.

Clara Chia Marti is now the topic of discussion in the news due to being in a relationship with Celebrity’s Ex-Boyfriend and Sports Man Gerard Piqué, due to which there is very little information available about her, so we will try to get as much information as we can, so that we can share it with you.

According to Newsunzip, they both met for the first time at the Kosmos event and she used to work as a waitress there. There is a difference of 12 years in the age of both of them. As a model, she has shared many hot and bikini photos on her social media. After She became famous, many fake accounts have been created on social media due to which it is difficult to find her original account.

Their new relationship has become the talk of social media with thousands of people talking about it on platforms like Twitter.

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