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Who is Sky Daily? Everything You Need to Know About Hulk Hogan’s Fiancé

Sky Daily is a 44-year-old woman who is a yoga instructor and accountant from Clearwater, Florida. She is Hulk Hogan’s new girlfriend and fiance. Hogan confirmed his relationship status with Sky on March 1, 2022, and announced their engagement on July 25, 2023. Here are some more facts about Sky Daily and her relationship with the wrestling legend.

Sky Daily is not her real name

Sky Daily is a nickname but her real name is Skylar Banx and her full name is Laurielle Morrison Banx, according to She has not revealed why she prefers to go by Sky Daily, but it may have something to do with her profession as a yoga instructor.

Sky Daily is an accountant and yoga instructor

Sky’s Instagram page lists her as an accountant and yoga instructor. She has a private account and does not post much about her personal life or relationship with Hogan. She has also been featured on Hogan’s social media accounts only a few times and he has tagged her account in the posts.

Sky Daily is a mother of three children

Sky is the proud parent of three children from a previous relationship, but their identities are unknown since she has never publicly announced their names outside of close family and friends. 

Sky Daily and Hulk Hogan started dating in early 2022

Their first public appearance as a couple was on Feb. 26, 2022, at a Bret Michaels show backstage. The next day, Hogan posted a video where he presented Sky to the singer. People had thought he was still married to Jennifer McDaniel, his second wife, since 2010, but he clarified on Twitter that they had divorced and Sky was his new girlfriend.

Hogan and McDaniel had wed in December 2010 after dating for two years. He had previously split from his first wife Linda in 2007 after almost 24 years of marriage.

Sky Daily and Hulk Hogan got engaged in July 2023

Hogan proposed to Sky on her 44th birthday while they were having dinner at a Tampa restaurant. He told TMZ Sports that he was very nervous but fortunately she said yes.

Hogan announced his engagement while giving a speech at the wedding of his friends Corin and Sabrina Nemec on July 25, 2023. He told the guests that he had proposed to Sky on her birthday and she was crazy enough to say yes.

This will be Hogan’s third marriage and Sky’s second. They have not revealed any details about their wedding plans yet, but they seem very happy together.

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