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Guide 2022: Guest Posting Sites

By Sukhbeer Brar Date: 28-2-2022

What is a guest posting?

A guest post is a piece of content that is posted on someone else’s blog. It is usually written by someone outside of the blog’s staff and is used to get more exposure on the web.

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Benefits of Guest posting

1.  Exposure to a new audience 2. Get backlinks to your own site 3. Established a relationship with    another blogger 4. Reinforce your credibility 5. Get more traffic

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What to do after a guest post is published?

1. Share it on your social media profiles. 2. Include the link to your guest post in your email signature. 3. Include the link in your weekly newsletter.

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4. Email the publisher thanking him for the opportunity to write for his site. 5. Email some of your friends and let them know you have a published article on a reputable site. 

Guidelines for Guest Posting Site

1. Write Article with Similar Pattern 2. Break up your content 3. Write in a natural, conversational tone 4.All content MUST BE ORIGINAL & UNIQUE

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How to find a legit guest posting sites?

To find a guest post website related to your category, you have to do a Google search for the “write for us” category.

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Change the category with your guest post category, for example:write for us” Health “write for us” Fashion “write for us” Finance

There are also some other search terms that you can easily find other best guest post sites in India by searching. “become a guest blogger” “guest post” “submit content”