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How I tried hiring an author to write my college essay for me

I am a student, and everybody understands that I often feel overloaded with homework. However, it is not easy to work hard toward your educational goals. I do my best every day. But also, I am a human and require assistance from time to time.

When my friend told me he tried using a company that writes essays for you online, I was not sure he was joking. After listening to his story, I realized I must try such a service. I remember that before ordering, I surfed the web to find information about the service. Any review provided enough details about how to choose a service.

I decided to write feedback about how I tried hiring a professional author to write my college essay for me. In my honest review, you will find all the required information about writing services and their benefits. I hope reading this article will let you make the right decision about a company that will help you.

The website

I like beautiful web design, so I wanted to find a service that shares my tastes. The website of the service I chose was charming. However, the main thing that mattered to me was that each page was highly informative. I quickly found details on all aspects that mattered to me. For example, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and other vital information.

It was easy to find and fill in the form of registration. The ordering form was easily reachable and very useful. My overall impression of the website was highly positive. After reviewing all sections that interested me, I made my final choice and decided to go with this company.


One of the important reasons why I decided to trust a writing service was the outstanding feedback from other customers. I want to underline that I do not mean that all reviews were only positive. The main thing that mattered to me was that all studies were full of details such as topics, authors’ names, and more.

I realized that these reviews are genuine. Even if a customer rated the service with a lower grade, there were explanations for the situation. I trusted each review, which made me believe that this company is trustworthy.

Level of writers

I needed to learn more about the people working on my essay. I wanted to know that an author had enough skills and realize how to write an essay on philosophy I needed. Before ordering, I ensured that all authors who cooperate with this service have certificates and diplomas.

It was easy to realize that I could request more information about an author and get detailed answers. I found out that the service provides regular testing for authors. It made me feel more comfortable. When I read about the rating system for authors, I realized that I could trust this team.

The process of ordering

Ordering took me only several minutes. I registered on the site and then was redirected to the form of order that I needed to fill in. I learned that to order an essay, and I must provide many essentials on my paper. I entered the name of the discipline and added several topics suggested to me by my professor.

In addition, there was a need to choose the style of formatting. I was impressed that there was an option to select the level of a writer who would help you. I also attached the file with manuals that contained recommendations on the structure. After I provided all the necessary data, I confirmed my order.

Money-back guarantee

It was vital to get many different guarantees from a writing service. I did not want to feel disappointed. Before ordering, I found the list of guarantees on the site and saw that the company offers refunds in several situations. Customers of the service could count on returning an amount from 20% to 100% of the paid amount. I did not use this option because I was satisfied with the result.

Free revisions

The service offered an option to ask for an unlimited number of free revisions. It is beneficial and makes you feel comfortable. You are sure that even if you dislike the work, updating it will be no issue. I once requested a free update, and a writer promptly reworked an essay, counting my recommendations.

Overall impression

The service I tried was reliable, and my essay was written perfectly. I am happy that I decided to order help from a service that creates essays for money. From now on, I will be ordering papers and feel satisfied. I hope that reading my review helped you realize that you are not alone with writing issues. If you have doubts about ordering writing help, follow my example and try it. I wish you good luck!

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