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3 Reasons to Buy YouTube Likes and Why You Shouldn’t

YouTube videos with many likes are more reliable and popular than videos with no likes. This is why most YouTubers, especially beginners, buy YouTube likes from legitimate sources at a reasonable price to boost the fame and credibility of their videos. But, as we all know every coin has two sides, buying likes on YouTube has two sides – positive and negative. Just like all other concepts and technologies, this strategic approach is believed to have some advantages and disadvantages.

Are you a content creator or YouTuber looking to expand your content reach and gain a YouTube sensation? Want to buy likes on the platform to attract prospective viewers and boost your channel’s success? Wondering whether it would be an effective social media marketing strategy or can it damage your reliability and YouTube presence? How do you know if purchasing likes is worth considering or not? Keep scrolling down to know everything about buying YouTube likes.

Three Reasons You Must Buy Likes on YouTube

It should be noted that likes from reliable and recognized sources may provide the same quality of organic engagement as one can achieve using other organic strategies. Moreover, it can provide other multiple benefits as mentioned below –

  1. Get Instant Exposure
    The more likes your YouTube videos have, much easier it is to get even more real likes without spending on purchased engagement. Every content creator starts with zero likes, comments, and shares. Buying an initial set of some specific number of likes can provide your content with instant exposure.
    You can quickly get your videos in front of more eyeballs by offering instant insight. An increase in the number of likes will allow your content to be easily and quickly discovered by potential viewers. This will eventually make your videos and channel look much better and trending.
  2. Increase the Channel’s Visibility and Growth
    The more likes your video receives, the more likely it will get improved search engine ranking. This will make more people watch your videos and improve your rankings for relevant searches. YouTube’s algorithm gives more preference to popular videos in search results and in the suggested videos section.
    More video likes can boost your videos’ visibility in the suggested section, home page, and YouTube search results. This will eventually increase your video views and improve the chances of bringing more user interaction.
  3. More Effective Marketing Tactic
    Videos with increasing likes count are more likely to be watched by more potential viewers. When your videos get positive feedback from the target audience following purchased YouTube likes, it will improve your overall marketing tactic regardless of where you are implementing this strategy. Moreover, it will not go beyond your marketing budget.
    Why Should You Avoid Buying YouTube Likes?
    Purchasing likes on YouTube can have some disadvantages including the following –
  4. Risk of Scammers
    Remember, scammers are available everywhere and YouTube is not an exception. Just like all other online industries, you will find less-than-reputable service providers or scammers on YouTube who don’t fulfill their commitments. This may not happen all the time, but when you get in their trap, you may end up receiving low-quality and fake video likes. So, hire only trusted companies after reading their reviews and determining their reputation.
  5. No Ad Revenue
    Buying likes will not automatically boost your ad revenue. The reason is that your YouTube channel needs to meet certain criteria to be eligible for the YouTube Monetization Policy. You will be required to acquire a specific number of watch hours and subscribers. This strategy may be useful for bringing more online traffic and strengthening social proof, but it will not improve your ad revenue. The purchased likes will indirectly boost profit by expanding the audience base over time.
  6. No Guarantee
    Purchasing likes doesn’t guarantee that it will provide you with better insights into your YouTube account instantly. Despite making complete online transactions, you may not surely get the desired number of likes instantly. Mostly this is the case of fraudsters who claim to offer real likes, but they do scams just to earn money. So, be careful while choosing a provider.
    All these disadvantages happen due to hiring an unreliable and unprofessional service provider. Finding a well-recognized and trustworthy source can be challenging. If you’re wondering whom you can trust for the performance and growth of your YouTube channel, then you could rely on FBPostLikes to deliver real likes at a reasonable price with complete safety and confidentiality of your information and purchasing strategy.

Manage Your Likes to Keep Growing Organically

When it comes to boosting your YouTube channel’s growth, purchasing likes is one surefire way to get a head start, become credible and popular, and make more money. To ensure that your video reaches its target audience and makes the most out of your channel, it is important to keep tracking your YouTube presence and implementing other organic YouTube marketing strategies.

Take time to assess how much engagement you’re receiving and who is liking your content. Determine how well your videos are being received and what improvements you need with a particular video. By purchasing likes from trustworthy providers, you will get enough time to monitor your marketing campaign performance and better tailor your future content.


Buying YouTube likes from reputable providers is an easy way to attract an audience and engage with potential subscribers. It doesn’t break the bank and provides satisfactory results instantly. The associated drawbacks can be removed by choosing a trustworthy service provider who only delivers real likes to prevent breaching YouTube’s algorithm and policies and keep YouTube accounts safe.

No matter what package you’re choosing, it is important to ensure it consists of strict security and privacy as the main feature. So, be attentive while choosing services and confirm the high quality of services. Never ever share your passwords or other credentials as it may result in providing access to your mail or other valuable data to them.

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