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Lucid Stock Price Prediction

Lucid Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2025, 2030 & Fundamental Data (Updated)

Hello friends, In this post, we will talk about Lucid Motor Stock Price Prediction and before this, we have written articles about Stock Price Prediction, Forecast and Target Price of Rivian and NIO, in which we will predict the stock price till 2050.

This article can be quite long so take your time and read it till the end as we will try our best to give you important information. Apart from price prediction, we will also share with you the fundamental information of the company, which is updated in real-time, by checking it, you can find out about the current performance of the company. Gathering fundamental information about the company will help you make an investment decision in Lucid.

What is Lucid Group Inc?

Lucid Group Inc is an American electric vehicle manufacturer. The company was founded in 2007 by Bernard Tse and Sam Weng, who were former executives at Tesla Motors. Lucid Group is headquartered in Newark, California.

Lucid is developing luxury electric vehicles with advanced technology, including the Lucid Air, an all-electric luxury sedan.

Lucid is a company that is focused on the future of sustainable transportation. With the release of their first car, the Lucid Air, they have made a statement that they are a company to be reckoned with. The Lucid Air is an electric car that has a range of over 520 miles on a single charge. This car is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also very affordable.

NASDAQ: LCID – Lucid Motor Live Chart

If you’re looking at the NASDAQ: LCID – Lucid Motor live chart, you’ll see the stock trading price. The company is a manufacturer of electric vehicles, and its stock has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride over the past year or so.

LCID Stock Forecast & Price Targets

YearsMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

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Lucid Stock price prediction 2022

Lucid Air is expected to be a game-changer in the electric vehicle market, and the company is already seeing strong interest from potential customers. With the launch of the Lucid Air and continued growth in the electric vehicle market, Lucid is expected to see its stock price continue to rise to $32.20

Lucid Motor Stock price prediction 2023

In 2023, Lucid stock price is expected to reach a maximum of $72 per share. The company is expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace, with strong demand for its electric vehicles. Lucid is expected to continue to innovate and bring new products to market, helping to drive its stock price higher.

Lucid Stock price prediction 2024

In 2024, the Lucid stock price is expected to be between $74 to $82. This is based on the company’s current trajectory and expected growth. Lucid is an electric vehicle company that is expected to see significant growth in the coming years. 

Lucid Motor Stock price prediction 2025

According to Lucid Stock price prediction 2025, The Lucid Motor stock price is expected to increase to a minimum of $87 per share by 2025. Lucid’s Higher target price is $98.25 per share. With the increase in demand in the electric vehicle industry, the competition is also increasing rapidly, but Lucid Motor is now making its position in the market. The revenue of the company has been increasing for the last few years.

Lucid Stock price prediction 2030

The price of Lucid stock may be bearish in the short term because it is still a new company in the market but in long term, the stock price will be bullish because the demand for electric vehicles is continuously increasing. Lucid’s stock price can easily touch $229.98 in 2030.

Lucid Stock price prediction 2040

Based on current market trends and conditions, it is estimated that Lucid stock will be worth $439.25 per share by the year 2040. This prediction is based on a number of factors including the company’s strong financial position, the increasing demand for electric vehicles, and Lucid’s innovative technology. While there are always risks associated with any investment, Lucid appears to be well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the coming years.

Lucid Stock price prediction 2050

Lucid’s main funding is about 60% from Saudi Arabia and the company wants to expand its business in Europe and the Middle East. If this plan is successful, Lucid’s customer base will increase significantly and the company’s stock price will increase rapidly. Lucid Motor has an Average Target of $816.65 and a Lower Target Price of $798.80 and a Higher Target Price of $887.24 in 2050.

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Monthly Historical Data

Looking at Lucid Motors stock monthly historical data can give investors an idea of how the company’s stock has performed over time. The data can also be used to compare Lucid Motors’ stock performance to that of other companies in the same industry.

DateOpenHighLowClose*Adj Close**Volume
Jan 01, 20236.9717.816.0911.6911.69857,171,700
Dec 01, 202210.1010.239.5510.1510.1554,725,800
Oct 01, 202214.0015.6811.8711.8911.89198,874,700
Sep 01, 202215.2117.6913.5813.9713.97389,471,500
Aug 01, 202218.2120.6214.8915.3415.34400,415,700
Jul 01, 202217.0621.7816.3518.2518.25302,782,400
Jun 01, 202220.3020.5515.3017.1617.16381,852,800
May 01, 202218.0820.7313.2520.1820.18551,806,700
Apr 01, 202225.3926.1617.5018.0818.08431,453,900
Mar 01, 202224.4928.1420.4925.4025.40589,609,900
Feb 01, 202230.5230.8521.7728.9828.98549,191,900
Jan 01, 202238.5547.5925.6329.3929.39930,070,600
Dec 01, 202154.0856.2435.5338.0538.051,345,382,400
Nov 01, 202139.9957.7533.0252.9852.982,155,062,400
*Close price adjusted for splits.**Adjusted close price adjusted for splits and dividend and/or capital gain distributions.

Fundamental Data

Revenue Estimate

Looking at the revenue estimate of Lucid Motors, we can see that the company is expecting to see a significant increase in revenue over the next few years. In 2019, the company’s revenue is $0.005B, which is a decline in 2020 by 13.38% to $0.004B. In 2021, the company’s revenue is $0.027B which is a 581.87% increase from 2020. This shows that the company is expecting to see a huge increase in revenue over the next few years, and this is likely to be due to the launch of its new electric vehicles.

Revenue EstimateCurrent Qtr. (Sep 2022)Next Qtr. (Dec 2022)Current Year (2022)Next Year (2023)
No. of Analysts341010
Avg. Estimate219.52M432.05M716.18M2.67B
Low Estimate194M371M326.8M1.2B
High Estimate244.55M486.21M912.51M3.86B
Year Ago Sales1.25M26.39M27.11M716.18M
Sales Growth (year/est)17,461.60%1,537.00%2,541.70%273.40%
Data Sourced from

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Major Holders

Lucid Motors has some major holders including Public Investment Fund (60.51%), Vanguard Group, Inc. (2.46%), and BlackRock (1.62%). institutional ownership of Lucid Motors is high at around 70.56%. This means that Lucid Motors is widely held by large financial institutions and is considered to be a relatively safe investment.

4.14%% of Shares Held by All Insider
70.56%% of Shares Held by Institutions
73.60%% of Float Held by Institutions
613Number of Institutions Holding Shares
Source: Yahoo Finance

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