You are currently viewing Monolith Update: Donald Trump supporters uproot metal’s secret pillar, tells Jesus stronger than Aliens

Monolith Update: Donald Trump supporters uproot metal’s secret pillar, tells Jesus stronger than Aliens

Monolith, a subject of mystery around the world, was uprooted by right-wing youth in the US state of California. These youths replaced wooden crosses (the sacred symbol of Christians) in place of metal poles. During this time the youth raised slogans of ‘America First’ and ‘Christ is King’ (Jesus Christ is King). He also made the entire event live on social media. This mystery pillar of metal was mounted atop the Pine Mountains of California. Earlier, these metal poles were seen in the United States of Utah desert and Romania. Let’s know the full story of this metal pole ….

Wooden cross in place of metal pole

In the video made live by the American youth, it is clear that three youths are shaking the metal poles and shouting slogans of America First and Christ is King. A young man was wearing a headband of ‘Make America Great Again’, the slogan of President Donald Trump. He called the metal pole a ‘sham’ and replaced it with a wooden cross. A young man said, ‘Jesus Christ is the king in this country. We do not want illegal aliens from Mexico or the outside world. ‘ After much effort, they uprooted this very heavy pillar. After this, these youths put wooden crosses there. After its ‘victory’, the youth also took photographs. They then tied the metal poles to the rope and pushed it down the hill.

This right-wing man said by dislodging the secret pillar

After dropping the metal pole from the mountain, a young man said, ‘It was a learning experience. There was no arrest …. It was fine because it was fun. ‘ These youths wore helmets worn during the war and they also had night vision goggles. This video of him has been shared by an account called Culturewar Criminal. Earlier, the metal pole appeared in California after the US disappeared from Utah and Romania. According to local media, the metal pole was found atop the Pine Mountains in California. Just next to this mountain is the town of Atascadero. After appearing in Utah, Romania, and now in California, this highly mysterious metal pole, there is a question of whether it is being planted by aliens or someone is joking.

The secret pillar was made of steel, the brightness was seen from a distance

After the metal pole surfaced, Atascadero News of California said in its report, “This three-sided metal pillar looks made of steel which is 10 feet high and 18 inches wide. This pillar has been carved from every corner and it is shining brightly from far away. Nails have been placed on every corner. This pillar was not buried in the ground and this was why the American youths pushed it up. It is not yet clear who put this pillar on top of the mountain. This entire area is the center of tourist attraction and a large number of people were posting pictures on social media about it. However, due to the overthrow of this pillar, they are disappointed.

Pole was seen in California after Utah, Romania

Earlier in November, a 12-foot high metal pole was found in the desert of Utah. After it was found, discussions between common people and researchers intensified where it came from. It began to be described from the art of the show to the handiwork of the alien. However, it disappeared a few days later. 24 hours after his disappearance, the pole appeared in Romania, Europe. Now this pole has disappeared from there too and has appeared in California, USA. The pillar in Romania was about 2.8 meters. Local journalist Robert Isab told that the pillar which was found in the old fort area was planted in a stealthy manner, it was removed. He said that some unknown person, probably the local welder, may have built it and now his place is only a pit.


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