You are currently viewing Lord Mountbatten, Britain’s royal biographer, claimed to have spent the night with strangers.

Lord Mountbatten, Britain’s royal biographer, claimed to have spent the night with strangers.

Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India, once admitted that he and his wife Edwina Mountbatten had spent their entire marital lives in the beds of others. This is to say that the British royal biographer Philipp Zeigler. Lord Mountbatten was a member of the Queen’s family and seemed to be Prince Philip’s uncle. Mountbatten was also a patron of Prince Charles. After Edwina’s death, Mountbatten had relationships with several young men. He was later killed. Let’s know the whole matter….

Prince Charlos prosecuted Mountbatten’s infidelity

The show ‘The Crown’, which is being shown on Netfilks, is about Lord Mountbatten’s influence on the royal family. It states that Lord Mountbatten had a great influence on Prince Philip and Prince Charles. The show also quoted sources from the royal family that Prince Charles also cited Mountbatten for his infidelity while arguing over his illicit relationship with Camilla Parker. Mountbatten had asked Prince Charles to maintain the sanctity of the wedding but he retaliated strongly. Prince Charles told Mountbatten that you are giving me lectures on maintaining the purity of marriage, but you and Edwina are far behind in this matter.

‘Edwina and Lord Mountbatten both had relationships with others’

The royal family’s drama in The Crown shows that there is enough evidence that Mountbatten and his wife Edwina had relationships with outsiders. Philipp Zeigler wrote in his book ‘Mountbatten: The Official Biography’, ‘Once Mountbatten admitted that Edwina and I had spent our entire marital life in the beds of others.’ Mountbatten’s daughter, Pamela Hicks, also said in her book ‘Daughter of Empire: Life as a Mountbatten’ that her father had a love affair with Yola Letellier for many years. Yola was the wife of Deauville Mayor Henry.

Edwina was the elder father’s daughter, had relations with many men

According to the British newspaper Express, Edwina was from a wealthy family and her father was a UK MP. Edwina had a love affair with many men and she did not even hide it from Mountbatten. Hicks described her mother as a woman who fascinated men. Pamela Hicks said that her mother’s boyfriend kept coming as ‘Uncle’ throughout childhood. Andrew Loney said in his 2019 book that Edwina’s love affair with others began in 1925, just three years after her marriage to Lord Mountbatten. He reportedly had an affair with Hugh Molineaux for 10 years. Edwina then began a relationship with Stephen Lody, who was very wealthy and played polo.

Mountbatten was unknown to Edwina’s relationship for many years

Andrew Loney explains in his book that Mountbatten had not known about his relationship with Edwina for many years. First the Prince of Wales, Edward Saptam, warned him about this. In September 1926 Edwina was seen with Mike Wardell. Edwina continued to handle all three of her lovers with Mountbatten for many years. During this time, Edwina’s lovers at times insisted for a divorce from Mountbatten. Edwina also had a name with singer Leslie Hutchinson. On the other hand, Mountbatten had a love affair with several young women after Edwina’s death and was acknowledged by his daughter, Patricia, Secretary John Barrett himself. Mountbatten was killed in 1979.

‘Edwina-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had an emotional relationship’

Mountbatten’s daughter Pamela Hicks wrote in her book ‘Daughter of Empire’ that there was a love affair between her mother and India’s Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. He said, ‘My mother and Pandit Nehru loved each other very much. The old idiom Solmet applied to both of them perfectly. My father was an extrovert, while my mother preferred to be on her own. He had been married for a long time and was also very close to each other but despite this my mother was a victim of loneliness. Meanwhile, he met a person who was sensitive, charming, cultured and very adorable. Perhaps that was the reason she fell in love with him.


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