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Erdogan told French President Macron ‘trouble’, said – France will get rid of them soon

Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan is constantly spewing venom against France, trying to become the Khalifa of Muslim countries. On Friday, he claimed that France would get rid of President Emanuel Macron as soon as possible. Erdogan did not stop at this, he called the French President Macron the trouble. The Turkish President claimed that France was going through a very dangerous phase under the leadership of Macron.

Erdogan said – France will get rid of macros soon
“I hope France will get rid of the Macron problem as soon as possible,” Erdogan said after the Friday prayers in Istanbul. Erdogan has made several provocative statements against the French president in recent times. Due to this the tension between the two countries is also at the peak. France has even recalled its ambassador from Turkey. There is already tension in Turkey and France over the Greece issue. In such a situation, this inflammatory statement of the President of Turkey is expected to worsen the relationship between the two countries.

Erdogan advised Macros to have a brain checkup
France has launched a campaign against terrorism after a teacher was strangled by a radical terrorist in Paris. What the French President termed as Islamic terrorism and said that we will keep defeating it. Just after this, Turkish President Erdogan has been raging. In the central Turkish city of Kasseri, Erdogan said what is the problem of this man called Macron with Muslim and Islam? Macros need to undergo mental treatment.

Erdogan did not get angry with France for the first time
It is not that Turkish President Erdogan is raging France for the first time. He had earlier shown fierce anger over supporting Greece and the deployment of the French army in the Mediterranean Sea. Erdogan has even accused France of waging war. Turkey had simply said that France would simply increase tensions by deploying troops to the region.

Erdogan, dreaming of capturing the Mediterranean Sea
Erdogan wants Turkey to occupy the Mediterranean Sea filled with gas and oil. That is why, in the days of Turkey, marine oil exploration ships are sometimes entering Greece or sometimes in the strait of Cyprus. Tensions in Greece and Turkey had increased so much that the conditions of war between the armies of the two countries were created. At the same time, many European Union countries including France are also supporting Greece.

Erdogan wants to be the Messiah of Muslims
Turkish President Erdogan wants to become the new messiah of Muslims in the world. In such a situation, wherever they see anything against Muslims, they immediately jump. France has launched a campaign against Muslim fundamentalists after the recent incident of strangling a teacher. This allowed Erdogan to spew venom against France.

Trying to divert people’s attention from real issues
Erdogan is also talking about religion and patriotism to divert people’s attention from the real issues. Turkey’s economic situation has been deteriorating continuously for the past few months. The value of his currency has reached a record low. Unemployment and inflation figures in the country are setting new records every day. There has been an uprising in Turkey before, which Erdogan crushed on the strength of the army. In such a situation, he is trying to focus people’s attention on other issues with the help of these issues.


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