Windows 11: All You Need to Know

By Sukhbeer Brar


Windows Will Have a New Look

Windows gets a new interface that is more like Chrome OS and macOS to make it easier for users.



Widgets are back, and they're better than ever.


Redesigned Settings App

The redesigned Settings app features a left menu that doesn't require backing out of settings to get to another group.


Faster Performance, More Security

Windows 11 will be more secure than previous versions, with new requirements for security chips.


Teams Will Be Integrated

Microsoft's Teams app has grown to have 145 million users, and is now being integrated into Windows 11.

Teams Chat and Teams videoconferencing is a free service that allows people with an account to chat, call, or video conference.


Android Apps in the Store

You will be able to run Android apps on your PC, but not at the initial Windows 11 launch and only through the Amazon AppStore or by sideloading.


New Sounds

Windows 11 has soundscapes that are gentler and shorter than in previous versions. 


Gaming Gets a Boost

This update will speed up games, and provide better color range.


Multiple Desktops

New for Windows 11 is the ability to set different backgrounds for each virtual desktop.


Snap Layouts

Windows recently released a new feature that lets you arrange windows in predefined layouts.


Tablet Mode and Docking

Windows 11 will adjust to your previous settings when you plug in a monitor, providing more space between taskbar icons and making tablet mode like the desktop.