Zoe LaVerne (Internet Celebrity) Biography

By Sukhbeer Brar Date: 23-4-2022

Zoe LaVerne is a social media personality that first got her start on the video sharing app Musical.ly in middle school. The star rose to fame by posting make-up videos, lip-sync videos and dance videos to the platform as a verified star. 

She is 20 years old in 2022 and Zoe LaVerne was born on June 3 , 2001 in Indiana, the United States.

In November 2020, she began a relationship with fellow social media star Dawson Day. The couple got engaged in May 2021. The couple married on October 5th, 2021.

Her parents' names are Douglas and Debbie. She has a brother named Eric and a step-brother named Cameron.

She was rewarded with the coveted verification crown on TikTok in March of 2017, when the app was still known as musical.ly. 

In 2018, the star was almost kidnapped in Indiana. A man in a white van came up to her and tried to grab her hoodie and pull her into the car, but she managed to escape and run away.

Zoe Laverne is a young beautiful hot and gorgeous girl with an attractive and charming personality. She owns a hot and sizzling figure with adorable looks

She received a lot of hate from her classmates at the time about the videos, but people loved them on musical.ly. She later attended high school until 2018, when she took her education privately because of the bullying she got at school.

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