Cody Rhodes Returns to WWE

By Sukhbeer Brar  Date: 3-4-2022

Cody Rhodes made his return to WWE on Saturday night at WrestleMania 38, coming back to the promotion that he famously exited nearly six years ago.

The former AEW executive vice president made his return to WWE during night one of WrestleMania 38 on Saturday.

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE as the mystery opponent for Seth Rollins.

Rhodes was introduced as "The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes." He entered to his "Kingdom" theme music that he also used in AEW.

Rhodes was a three-time TNT champion for AEW and worked for the promotion both as wrestlers and executives.

By most metrics, Rhodes hasn't changed too much since leaving WWE the first time.

He left the company in February 2022 after failing to come to terms on a new contract.

Cody is really excited that A&E is doing a documentary on his dad, and he will be the executive producer on it.

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