You are currently viewing UP will now have a weekly lockdown from 8 pm on Friday to 7 am on Tuesday.

UP will now have a weekly lockdown from 8 pm on Friday to 7 am on Tuesday.

He said that availability of Remedicivir injection is being ensured in the state. Remedisives are being made available every day in all districts. This medicine is being provided free of cost in government hospitals, private hospitals are being supplied on need. The district administration must keep complete details of demand, supply and consumption of this medicine.

In collaboration with DRDO, Covid Hospital with all facilities has been prepared in Lucknow and Varanasi. It will be functional soon. The Health Department should contact the concerned authorities to ensure all the necessary management for the operation of this Covid Hospital.

Yogi said that the supply of oxygen is getting better every day. Along with connecting all the resources available in Uttar Pradesh to the supply chain, special means like oxygen express, air route are also being used. There is a continuous supply of oxygen from Roorkee, Dehradun, Jamshedpur, Bokaro etc. areas. Like yesterday, more than 650 metric tons have to be supplied today. The need of all small and big hospitals in all districts should be monitored. They should be supplied.

CM said that Uttar Pradesh is fighting with full commitment in the fight against Covid. Learning from the experiences of the first wave of Covid, health resources have been improved with priority. This work is going on continuously. We have to be ready for every situation. Today there are more than 116000 L-1 beds, L-two and L-3 have more than 65000 beds. Two CHCs are being prepared as Covid Dedicated Hospitals in all the districts. Resources are being increased in government hospitals, along with this private hospitals / medical colleges should also be added to it. Examining all options, action should be taken to double the current capacity of the Covid Bed. There should be availability of necessary medical resources like oxygen etc. on all beds.

He said that the high rate of Covid infection has increased the number of patients. In this time wave, the demand for oxygen has increased many times more than normal. Arrangements are being made in this regard. But some people have started hoarding oxygen cylinders due to unnecessary fear. They are black marketing of medicines believed to be life saving like Remedacevir. Strict action should be taken against such people. In this state of disaster, the incidents of profiteering are shameful. Action should be taken on this.

Yogi Adityanath said that teleconciliation needs to be made more effective. Every day, health related advice should be given to the patients undergoing home isolation. Non-Covid patients should also have the facility of teleconsultation. There should be extensive publicity about contact numbers, time and expertise from doctors. For this, a special team should be constituted in the districts by the District Health Department.

He said that a panel of expert doctors be constituted. People should be given correct information. Who needs to be admitted to the hospital, who needs Remediesvir and which patients have the need for oxygen. Due to unnecessary fear and ignorance, people are collecting these essential things. This adversely affects the system.

The Chief Minister said that Uttar Pradesh has conducted more than four crore Covid Tests so far, giving top priority to the testing required to prevent Covid. This is the highest test done by any state in the country. The work of doubling the testing capacity should be done rapidly. In some districts, there have been reports of illegal recovery from patients by some hospitals. There have also been reports of fake doctors. These people are the culprits of humanity. They should be publicly condemned. Police should take strict action against such people.

He said that all efforts are being made to increase the availability of oxygen tankers. Tankers are also supplied from abroad. There is also support from the industry. In such a situation, the number of tankers for supply has also increased. 64 tankers have been deployed in this work. In addition, 20 tankers are supplying directly to hospitals in various districts. Eight new tankers are also being received from the Government of India. All oxygen tankers should be equipped with GPS. They should be monitored live. Oxygen audit work should be done at a rapid pace.

In home isolation, care should be taken of the needs of the people. Every day dialogue should be made with these people from the CM helpline. Medical kits of medicines should be made available to them according to the prescribed protocol. For such patients, teleconcentration system should be further improved. Special efforts are needed in view of the health security of the policemen. Necessary arrangements should be made in the police line with mutual coordination of Home Department and Health Department. Each police line should have facilities of Covid help centers and isolation wards.

He said that some incidents of indecency with Covid Warriors engaging in healthcare are scandalous. Health workers are engaged day and night in our service with full commitment, indecency cannot be accepted with them. The district administration should take strict action on such incidents. In every case, the safety of health workers should be ensured.

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