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Three accused of Delhi riots released, Ravish Kumar’s ‘prime time’ returned to family time

Junaid’s mother Rukhsana said crying, “The child suffers innocent punishment and we too. Where to go Going to the lawyer. Going again and again Are saying will be missed. Keep giving comfort.

It took 10 months and 22 days for Junaid to return home from jail. He was in jail since April 2 last year on charges of killing a man in the Delhi riots. The surety took place on February 19, but the copy of the order came to the jail and 5 days passed. The release was possible late Wednesday night.

Mohammad Junaid said, “Don’t ask for a single moment. Even bread was not being eaten. Neither was hungry .. nor thirsty. There was also tension of the house. How is everything happening, is a house for rent. Was afraid not to put them in the case. 25 prosecutions on some, 12 on some.

When the question was asked, how did these moments come on the 19th and you passed on the 24th? When the answer was found that it was very difficult. Was afraid not to put any more cases.

Junaid has four sisters. Mother sick in the family. rent house. With the help of daily work, the responsibility of the family was on the shoulders of mother and Junaid. On the other hand, the son went to jail and the mother kept going around the court. Junaid’s mother said, “Was very upset.” Ever going to jail Am going to court sometime Lawyer got a lot of support. What should we do? Who will pay our compensation? Raising innocents like this. They won’t have trouble? We have no one to earn. There was only one child who was picked up. Sometimes we did not even have the money for rent.

Aside from the Mohan Nursing Home where the bullet was fired. On the other side, the Saptarishi Building where a person was injured and died by Shahid’s bullet. Out of the 6 people who were arrested on death charges, three got bail. In the video which was presented in the court as evidence, these people are not visible on the Saptarishi Building. The basis of bail also remained the same. “

Salim Malik, the lawyer for the accused, said, “There is a Shahid murder case.” The police allege that these people were on the Saptarishi Building and Shahid was with them. Shahid ended with his bullet. This is the whole police case. We took a lot of grounds in the High Court. One of them was the basis which Ravish Kumar ji played in the video prime time show on 5 March 2020. Which is seen in that video. Mohan is seen firing from the nursing home. There is firing from the rifle. Stone pelting is happening. The face is also clearly visible on the Saptarishi Building. Despite this, Mohan is firing from the building of the nursing home. Arrested or not. I am not aware.

Now watch the prime time video of March 5 last year. Which police has also made part of the charge sheet. Which was also shown in court. A dozen crowds are seen on the roof of Mohan Nursing Home in Yamuna Vihar. The gun, hidden in the towels, comes out. The man wearing a helmet fires. On the other side, on the Saptarishi Building towards Chandbag, a man is injured by Shahid’s bullet, who dies. There are many more people who can be identified on the roof of Mohan Nursing Home. There is no stopping anyone who is firing a bullet wearing a helmet. The crowd with him is also throwing stones and throwing bottles.

According to the police, the police have done FIR pain regarding Mohan Nargins Home. Seized a suspected weapon. His FSL report is still awaited. Our question on this is, should the FSL report take so long? Is the suspected weapon the same as seen in this video? We do not have the answer to this. The FSL report will reveal whether the bullet was fired from the seized gun or not. In this video, people standing at Mohan Nursing Home can be clearly identified. But he has not been arrested. Have the police released posters with their still photographs? We do not have the answer to this.

On the terrace in front of Mohan Nursing Home, Shahid gets shot, 6 people are arrested for his death. When this video was shown in court, Junaid, Irshad and Chand Mohammed did not appear in that video on the Saptarishi Building. But the question is that some faces are also clear in this prime time. Sadly, the police registered an FIR regarding Mohan Nursing Home but no one was arrested.

The court said that so far the police have not been able to arrest the main attacker, whose bullet killed Shahid. It also said that there has been no recovery of any kind of weapon from the petitioners.

Justice Kait said of NDTV’s video that “As the counsel appearing for the petitioner has submitted that the video relied on by the police itself, after playing the video for exactly 10 minutes, shows that the prime time of NDTV Anchor Ravish Kumar said that at the Mohan Nursing Home Hospital, a man is taking out a rifle and wearing a helmet. There is another person who is covering the weapon with a handkerchief and later, they can also be seen in the video. But the investigative agency has focused on one side of the building, it appears. However, the prosecution admitted that the miscreants on both sides were pelting stones and firing at each other. Further, this video has That the firing is being done only from Mohan Nursing Home and not from Saptarishi Building. “

But they were arrested who were not involved. There is another moon Mohammad in this. Father of two children. Drive a car. But 9 months and 8 days away from the family in jail. Now among the family. The father kept on fighting and then it was possible to reach the middle of the family. Chand Mohammad said, “My days are in great difficulty. I was not there Not in my photo video recording. Neither my phone’s location. Because I was not there. My housemates were also very worried. He was in jail for 9 months and 8 days. My family was upset. My father is a heart patient. My mother is very sick. They had problems. They have two small children. I am a daily bread earner. He made my life hell.

Chand says that when the police took him, said that tell the names of four to five people, then you will leave. But when I was not there, if I did not see anyone, then whose name would I tell? The son was in jail and the father kept moving around from the court to the lawyer. Chand Mohammad’s father Chaudhary Mukhtar Ahmed said, “Very upset. I have not been able to sleep all night. Prayed to Allah. My child is trapped. Allah Ta’ala save it. He used to think this for 24 hours.

In the Shahid Murder case of Saptarishi Building, Irshad got bail but there were other cases. A legal complaint has also been made about that. Bail has been granted, but he is still in jail.

Irshad’s mother Rehana said, “One leg is in the house and the other in the court.” We have cut this time. My child is innocent He was returning from work and took it from home. He has a fracture in his leg, he is not even able to go in such a crowd Trouble will be less now then. I am not being told much.

The pain of the riots still persists. Don’t know how many houses scorched in that fire. But the marks are still left Even today, those families are running around the court, who went behind their bars. The work of khaki is action, but it should be noted that the whole family suffers from not just the person arrested but the pain caused by the hasty crackdown.


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