You are currently viewing The judges are also getting calls, the Bombay High Court said, people are dying – this is the failure of all of us …

The judges are also getting calls, the Bombay High Court said, people are dying – this is the failure of all of us …

The judges are also getting calls, the Bombay High Court said, people are dying - this is the failure of all of us ...

Maharashtra Corona Virus Cases are constantly increasing rapidly. (Symbolic)


Bombay High Court (Bombay High Court) on Thursday Corona virus management Heard on the issue of public interest litigation regarding (Coronavirus Crisis). Hospitals fire, Lack of oxygen(Oxygen Crisis), hearing on issues like availability of Corona vaccine, the High Court made important comments. The bench said, we are also a group of judges, we also get calls for help. People are dying and this is the failure of all of us… The Maharashtra government told the court that we have started (fire audit) to check the fire safety arrangements in hospitals.

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The court said, do not tell us all this. Arrange for this will not happen again in the hospitals. We do not want any such incident again. One petitioner said that all types of security should be taken care of, not just the fire audit, so that the accident like Nashik does not happen again. We have stock of important medicines. Not much, but as much as needed.

The court told the state that Covid Hospital, Covid Center and Nursing Home Carry out fire audit of all and all necessary compliance. On corona vaccination, the court asked the BMC that everyone above 18 years of age is to be vaccinated from May 1, how will it happen? Create different time slots so that people do not gather together in one place. On the issue of Shamshan Ghat, the High Court asked, who is performing the last rites. What about their safety? BMC said on this that we are following all safety rules. Relatives are able to see the faces of their loved ones from a distance.

The petitioner said that the vaccine slot is not available till July. I myself am wandering here and there to get my mother vaccinated. The court told the state government that we are saying that the ground reality is different. People have to wait. The petitioner said that there are no beds, no oxygen and ambulance people are taking more arbitrary money. There is no medicine, there is no vaccine. Showing only good pictures to the state court. The petitioner said, there should be contact tracing for those coming from Kumbh. A musician who went to Kumbh recently died from Covid.

The court said that, but there is no admission in Maharashtra without a negative report. Zoroastrian societies are in small numbers. But most of them are elderly, save them as well. The court was told that the CEO of Serum Institute Adar Poonawala (ADAR POONAWALLA) had offered the stock to the Parsi community, but the community refused to make any special arrangements. At least one should become responsible for the loved ones. We have to understand that facilities are limited. Everything cannot be left to the state and the administration.

The court said, We had also said last time that the public will have to be careful. You want marriage, go to Kumbh. If you want everything, you will have to bear the brunt of it. We are waiting for the third wave. We do not support such drastic action on the viral video of the Collector at the wedding ceremony in Tripura, but the public is also not accepting it. The court asked whether the lockdown ban is working. People are leaving without any reason. The bench said, advise your government that all the people stay in the houses for 15 days. We will get good results from this.

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