You are currently viewing From the second wave of Corona to the importance of the vaccine, the main things of PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’

From the second wave of Corona to the importance of the vaccine, the main things of PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’

From the second wave of Corona to the importance of the vaccine, the main things of PM Modi's 'Mann ki Baat'

PM Modi launches Mann Ki Baat with discussion on corona epidemic

New Delhi:
Amid the growing outbreak of Corona, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again spoke ‘Mann ki Baat’ on Sunday. This radio program is the 23rd of his second term and the 76th edition till date. PM Modi started his address with a discussion on the corona epidemic. Apart from this, he also mentioned the vaccine and the rumors related to it, as well as once again appreciated the work of Frontline Health Works. During the program, PM Modi discussed with the doctors and came to know about the benefits of the vaccine, apart from that he told through a doctor how Covid is different from the first second wave of 19, as well as from an ambulance driver. Talked and praised his role in this battle against Covid. Let’s see big things about PM Modi’s program.

Salient points of PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat:

  1. Today I am talking to you about ‘Mann Ki Baat’, at a time when Corona is examining the patience of all of us and the limits of tolerance of all of us. Many have left themselves, us, untimely. After successfully combating the first wave of Corona, the country was filled with confidence, full of confidence, but this storm has shaken the country.

  2. Be it the people of our pharma industry, the vaccine manufacturers, the people involved in the production of oxygen or the people in the medical field, they have given their important suggestions to the government. To deal with this crisis in the past, I have had a long discussion with experts from different sectors. At this time, to win this battle, we have to give priority to experts and scientific advice. The Government of India is engaged with full power in furthering the efforts of the State Government. State governments are also trying their best to fulfill their responsibilities.

  3. The doctors and health workers of the country are fighting a huge battle against Corona at this time. In the last one year, he has had all kinds of experiences about this disease. Many doctors are giving information to people through social media. On the phone, we are also consulting on WhatsApp. There are many hospital websites, where information is also available, and there you can consult doctors. It is very commendable.

  4. In this crisis time of Corona, the importance of the vaccine is being known to everyone, therefore, I urge that there should not be any rumor about the vaccine. Now the companies of corporate sectors of the country will also be able to participate in the campaign to get their employees vaccinated. All of you will also know that the free vaccine has been sent by the Government of India to all the state governments, people above the age of 45 years can take advantage of it. Now from May 1, the vaccine is going to be available for everyone above 18 years of age in the country. ”

  5. I also have to say that the program of free vaccine on behalf of the Government of India is still going on, it will continue. I also urge the states that they should extend the benefit of this free vaccine campaign of the Government of India to as many people as possible in their state.

  6. We all know how difficult it is for us in illness to take care of ourselves, our family, mentally, but, the nursing staff of our hospitals has to do the same job, continuously, for many patients simultaneously. . “

  7. Like the people of our medical field today, frontline workers are engaged in day-to-day service work. Similarly, other people of the society too, are not behind at this time. The country is fighting unitedly against Corona once again. Even in this challenging time in different corners of the country, voluntary organizations have come forward and are trying to do whatever they can to help others. This time, new awareness is being seen in the villages as well. By strictly following the Covid rules, people are protecting their village from Corona, the right arrangements are being made for those who are coming from outside.

  8. On the one hand, the country is working day and night for hospitals, ventilators and medicines, on the other hand, the countrymen are also fighting the challenge of corona on their own. This spirit gives us so much strength, so much confidence. Whatever efforts are being made, this is a great service to the society. They increase the power of the society. Today, we kept the entire discussion of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on the corona epidemic, because, today, our biggest priority is to defeat this disease.

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