You are currently viewing Chocolate Day 2022: Chocolate Day on 9 February, what chocolate gift to partner?  Learn 7 wonderful benefits of eating chocolate here

Chocolate Day 2022: Chocolate Day on 9 February, what chocolate gift to partner? Learn 7 wonderful benefits of eating chocolate here

People stay away from it for fear of gaining weight, but not all chocolates are bad for health. The nutritional value of chocolate is determined by the amount of processed sugar and the artificial sweetener in the chocolate bar. In fact, dark chocolate can do wonders for health. Health conscious couples will consider giving it to their partner on Chocolate Day 2022.

Why is Chocolate Day celebrated? | Why Chocolate Day Is Celebrated

Chocolate Day, celebrated on 9 February, makes your bond special with something that is sweeter than love – chocolate. Chocolate is good for our health and it is also very tasty in food. Keeping this in mind, people of western countries used to give each other as chocolate gifts and took a step to strengthen their relationship and added to their new relationship. Keeping all these things in mind, February 9 was kept as Chocolate Day so that the love between each other can be strengthened by giving chocolate.


Chocolate Day 2022 Image: Everyone loves giving and giving chocolates.

7 wonderful benefits you get from eating chocolate. 7 Great Benefits From Eating Chocolate

1. beneficial for heart health

Chocolate contains flavonoids which may help the nerves and arteries to remain soft. This, in turn, may reduce the likelihood of stroke and heart attack. The consumption of chocolate is considered very beneficial for your heart health, but you need to take special care of its quantity.

2. May improve memory

High percentage of cocoa flavanols is associated with improvement in cognitive function. Chocolate affects mood as well as can be helpful in enhancing memory. Cocoa in chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonoids that help the brain maintain health. Eating this can strengthen memory.


Chocolate Day 2022 Image: Cocoa in chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonoids.

4. Can relieve depression

Chocolate can help suppress depression and keep your mood happy. That is why it is eaten and fed on all occasions to celebrate happiness. Cocoa polyphenols present in chocolate have an effect on a person’s mood, which can lead to peace and positive mood.

5. Helpful in making blood pressure healthy

Flavonols in dark chocolate can stimulate the lining of the arteries, the endothelium, to produce nitric oxide. One function of NO is to send a signal to the arteries to relax, which reduces the resistance to blood flow and therefore lowers blood pressure. Several studies suggest that cocoa and dark chocolate can improve blood flow and low blood pressure.

6. Beneficial in lowering cholesterol level

Dark chocolate can help reduce bad ‘LDL’ cholesterol and increase good ‘HDL’ cholesterol. This leads to a healthy body and can also aid in weight loss. Therefore some chocolate can be consumed in limited quantity.


Chocolate Day 2022 Image: The taste of cocoa is unique and really refreshes the soul and mood.

7. Prevents Sunburn

The high flavanol content in chocolate enables the body to withstand double the amount of UV rays on the skin without burning. Due to this, the UV rays emanating from the sun do not harm our skin. Did you know that this amazing benefit of eating chocolate? No no

Now, make sure that you gift a box of healthy chocolate to your partner. Gift a chocolate with very low fat content of pure cocoa. No matter what the occasion is, you should always be concerned about your partner’s health, so the gift should be healthy. Our intention is to make you feel that Chocolate Day 2020 can be celebrated in a healthy way with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

When is Chocolate Day celebrated? Chocolate Day Kab Manaya Jata Hai

Chocolate Day is the third day of Valentine Week and it is celebrated on 9 February in the second week of February. This day is celebrated to sweeten the mouth especially after expressing love.

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