You are currently viewing Are you among those who send good morning messages in WhatsApp?

Are you among those who send good morning messages in WhatsApp?

Are you among those who send good morning messages in WhatsApp?

As early as the morning, seeing it in such a colorless hall feels like performing the last rites of all the inner consciousnesses. Sending such messages is regular since morning. Someday, if the sun disappears from this world with its lotus and says that I have stopped drowning, these people will keep sending messages. Those who send good morning messages have a natural connection with the message, not since morning. One man sends me at one o’clock in the night. They think it was morning as early as twelve.
From the starting point of AM-PM, they start counting in the morning.

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Those searching for these messages have been caught by a disease. Its name is Morning Mania. It would be expedient to mention here that I have named it. Because if you do not insist on ‘I’ in an article, then the reader feels that the writer is copy paste. I have seen myself taking Sirius while writing to many people. They give a lot of attention to themselves. As if they are doing a terrible job of understanding in a stupid society. Today was inspired by them.

However, if someone is committed to the morning more than morning, then what should be done of him. Some people in India feel that as long as there is freedom to send good morning message in WhatsApp, democracy is safe.

You see the pictures which come as a good morning message. Seeing them, it has been confirmed that if there is any time in the 24-hour time, it is morning. The morning manifestations are dead. There are a few left in the message. This means that the language of the morning has disappeared. You have started expressing yourself in the morning through representative photographs. The cup plate, the sun emanating from the back of the mountain, the four flowers, some messages extra.

Similarly, due to such messages and messages, you have started recognizing Nehru from JNU and Muslims. All knowledge and perception is reduced. This is what is app university. The pictures that come with the message will sit in your mind instead of the language. You will become languageless. These pictures will be captured on the feeling of waking and sleeping and crying within you. Similar groups of people start operating from robots and IT cells. Identify these things. Get rid of them.

I do not want to say to those sending you good morning messages. To be cuddled is to be biscuits. He comes with tea and despite not wanting, the tea drinker starts eating biscuits. It is not known that one is drinking tea while eating biscuits. It sounds like you are kneading dough from tea inside your mouth. The same thing does good morning messages.


I call you dawn evangelist. If you are not there then there is no promotion of dawn in the world. Due to you ‘dawn campaigners’, the sun has been arranged in the inbox. You guys have become robots. Took the message and threw it in someone’s inbox. I have not written this article in your condemnation, but to save the morning from these messages. Hundreds of people send me good morning messages every morning. All I have to say is that Good After Noon is feeling neglected in the process. Take a load of that too. Because even by refusing, they are not going to improve. O soldier of the morning, take the contract for a little afternoon, Ray is left alone. Keep singing it

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