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Neogroth aims to double the turnover of small traders in 3 years

Neogroth aims to double the turnover of small traders in 3 years - India TV Paisa
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Neogroth aims to double the turnover of small traders in 3 years

New Delhi: Neogroth Credit Private Limited, a leader in lending to small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) in India, recently launched Digibiz. Digibiz is a holistic platform to help small businesses digitally create. The company aims to help more than 2 lakh SMEs double their turnover in 3 years by providing best-in-class digital solutions through business solution providers.

In a research study conducted during the epidemic, it was found that small businesses would have to digitize their offerings to counter the stiff competition from big brands and shopping apps and portals, and based on this conclusion of the study, The platform was envisaged.

The company aims to provide consultancy and technical solutions through Digibiz to help small businesses grow and become profitable. After a quick analysis, retailers and restaurants, apparel shops, grocery stores, petrol pumps, grocery, pharmacy, business owners and other MSMEs will be provided with customized solutions as required. This can be financial, non-financial, or mixed, both depending on the marked deficiencies that small traders have with digitized, digit-o-meter smart analysis.

Piyush Khaitan, founder and managing director of Neogroth Credit Pvt Ltd, said, “Neogroth has provided loans to first generation entrepreneurs through our loans, providing assistance to women entrepreneurs, and helping our customers to create jobs and credit scores through them.” There has always been a strong emphasis on making a positive impact on society by helping to improve. ”

“Keeping in mind the growing trend of e-commerce, online bill payment and e-groceries since Covid, our design platform will prove more useful for customers,” said Khaitan. Digibiz is an initiative launched by us to help small businesses digitally transform and grow businesses in the new normal. With Digibiz and a variety of other offerings, our target is to raise Rs 2,000 crore to our assets under management (AUM) by FY’22. To reach.

Reshma Devkar, owner of Advaita Medical and General Store, Mumbai, who is one of the first customers of the platform, said, “In the fast-changing pharma sector, Digibiz has enabled a woman entrepreneur like me to take my business to the right time.” Assisted in upgrading. Today, with the help of Neogroth, my business has reached the next level. ”


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