This election will decide the future of Mamta Banerjee, future shape of BJP

यही चुनाव तय करेगा ममता बनर्जी का भविष्य, BJP का भावी स्वरूप

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: 5th round of voting to be held on Saturday To know what the common people think in this election of West Bengal, we also had a conversation with many different types of people. Everyone believes that this time the election is quite different. Meet a gentleman who has seen all … Read more

Mamta Banerjee is adopting the same strategy in West Bengal, which PM Narendra Modi used to follow a few years ago…

पश्चिम बंगाल में वही रणनीति अपना रही हैं ममता बनर्जी, जो कुछ साल पहले तक PM नरेंद्र मोदी अपनाते थे...

Being a women chief minister, women have a special attraction towards Mamata Banerjee. West bengal assembly elections 2021: Mamta Banerjee’s strategy in West Bengal elections is clear. She has specially chosen women voters in this election. Mamata knows that women have a special attraction towards them as women chief ministers. This is the reason why … Read more

BJP is creating communal struggle to win elections in Bengal: Mamata Banerjee

भाजपा बंगाल में चुनाव जीतने के लिए पैदा कर रही है साम्प्रदायिक संघर्ष : ममता बनर्जी

Both Owaisi and Siddiqui had earlier rejected the allegations of the Trinamool Congress. The ISF is contesting the alliance with the CPI (M) and the Congress. Banerjee also urged Hindus to be cautious of the BJP’s efforts to “incite communal clashes”. He told them to stay away from the outsiders who have been sent to … Read more

Nitin Gadkari said from NDTV: “Bengal wants change, this time people want to give BJP a chance”

NDTV से बोले नितिन गडकरी :

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that West Bengal has seen the rule of the Congress, has seen the rule of the Left parties and now has also seen the rule of the Trinamool Congress Party. People there want change and this time want to give BJP a chance. Gadkari said this in a special … Read more

Trinamool counterattack on PM Modi’s change speech, put forth facts in response to allegations

पीएम मोदी के परिवर्तन भाषण पर तृणमूल का पलटवार, आरोपों के जवाब में तथ्य रखे सामने

PM Modi reached Bengal before the assembly elections to be held a few weeks later. This is his second visit to Bengal in this month. He inaugurated several railway projects in Bengal, including the extension of the North-South line of the Kolkata Metro. PM Modi said that people have decided to vote for change. “ … Read more

Mamta Banerjee’s political heir? Abhishek Banerjee rises in Trinamool

ममता बनर्जी के राजनीतिक वारिस? अभिषेक बनर्जी का तृणमूल में उदय

Abhishek Banerjee, nephew of Mamta Banerjee. Kolkata: Abhishek Banerjee of Trinamool Congress, who is also the nephew of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, has emerged as the BJP’s target as this young leader is projected as the party’s future Has been prepared as a leader. Although Mamata Banerjee will remain in charge of the … Read more

Trinamool Congress appeals to Left Front-Congress alliance to fight unitedly against BJP

अमित शाह के भतीजा वाले बयान पर ममता बनर्जी का पलटवार, बोलीं- आपके बेटे का क्या श्रीमान शाह?

Trinamool Congress chief and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (file photo). Kolkata: Trinamool Congress on Saturday Left Front-Congress Alliance (Left Front-Congress alliance) appealed to fight in solidarity against BJP, so that “more dangerous” B J P Could not get a chance to spread its foot in the state. However, the Left parties and the Congress … Read more

Bengal election: enough reason to consider Dinesh Trivedi’s resignation as ‘Advantage BJP’ …

बंगाल चुनाव: दिनेश त्रिवेदी के इस्‍तीफे को

TMC MP Dinesh Trivedi: Dinesh Trivedi said, Trinamool Congress has gone into the hands of corporate professionals (file photo) New Delhi: West Bengal Assembly Elections: Before the assembly elections in West Bengal, the ruling Trinamool Congress is getting one stroke after another. One of the founding members of the party Dinesh Trivedi (Dinesh Trivedi) on … Read more

Mamata Banerjee’s resentment had to be resented when Dinesh Trivedi had to face the ‘reformist’ railway budget

Mamata Banerjee's resentment had to be resented when Dinesh Trivedi had to face the 'reformist' railway budget

New Delhi: Trinmool Congress MP Dinesh Trivedi (Dinesh Trivedi) has announced his resignation from Rajya Sabha. One of the founding members of the party, Trivedi was unhappy with the party’s style of functioning for some time. There are discussions that he can join the Bharatiya Janata Party. Born on June 4, 1950, Trivedi has held … Read more

After ‘Jai Shri Ram’ sloganeering, PM Modi and CM Mamata raise dispute? Refuse to share the stage

After 'Jai Shri Ram' sloganeering, PM Modi and CM Mamata raise dispute?  Refuse to share the stage

West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee has refused to share the stage with PM Modi at Haldia’s program. (File photo) Special things PM Narendra Modi going on tour of Bengal and Assam today Inauguration of four oil and gas projects worth 4,700 crore in Haldia Mamta Banerjee refuses to attend ceremony and share stage with PM … Read more

Bengal: Trinamool Congress alleges, ‘BJP is doing propaganda, truth is not allowed for rath yatra ..’

बंगाल: तृणमूल कांग्रेस का आरोप,

Kolkata : At a time when the assembly elections in West Bengal are coming close, the ruling Trinamool Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are not taking the name of freeze of accusations. Trinamool Congress On Friday alleged that the BJP was carrying out “malicious propaganda” in West Bengal if its ‘Rath Yatra’ was … Read more

West Bengal: factionalism begins in BJP, clashes between new and old workers, vehicles were burnt

पश्चिम बंगाल : BJP में गुटबाजी शुरू, नए-पुराने कार्यकर्ताओं के बीच झड़प, गाड़ियां फूंकी गईं

At the same time, another clash took place in Burdwan, where the quarrel came on the road and stone-pelting took place among the BJP workers. In this incident, the activists clashed outside the party office. A tempo and several motorcycles were set on fire here, after which the police reached the spot. Party workers also … Read more

West Bengal: Asaduddin Owaisi, who had confessed his leader, ‘Pir Abbas’ is announcing the party

पश्चिम बंगाल : असदुद्दीन ओवैसी ने जिन्हें कबूला था अपना नेता,

Asaduddin Owaisi has offered to fight under the leadership of Siddiqui in Bengal. (File photo) Special things Will the picture of West Bengal’s Muslim vote bank change? Pir Abbas Siddiqui is announcing his party Asaduddin Owaisi announced to fight under his leadership Kolkata: West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021: A new party is coming into existence … Read more

Mamta Banerjee announces to fight Nandigram with multiple arrows, why this step is special …

ममता बनर्जी ने नंदीग्राम से लड़ने का ऐलान कर एक तीर से कई निशाने साधे, क्यों खास है यह कदम...

Assembly elections are to be held in West Bengal in April-May. new Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (Mamata Banerjee Contest From Nandigram) is seen returning to the old tone. Mamta’s announcement of contesting from Nandigram seat in East Midnapore is giving a similar political signal. Political analysts say that through this Mamta has … Read more

West Bengal BJP leaders accused of firing, attacking TMC

West Bengal BJP leaders accused of firing, attacking TMC

Asansol: Two party leaders, including a member of the BJP’s West Bengal state committee, were allegedly attacked by Trinamool Congress (TMC) suspects at various places. Police said the gunmen opened fire on Krishnendu Mukherjee’s car near his house in Asansol in West Vardhman district, but the attackers failed to open the car door and saved … Read more

“Mamta Banerjee will be alone”: Amit Shah welcomes Trinamool leader Suvendu Adhikari at Bengal rally

"Mamta Banerjee will be alone": Amit Shah welcomes Trinamool leader Suvendu Adhikari at Bengal rally

Suvendu Adhikari (left) joined BJP in Amit Shah’s presence Kolkata: Trinamool Congress veteran Suvendu Adhikari on Saturday Home Minister Amit Shah (Amit Shah) joined BJP during the mega rally in Midnapore. Shah welcomed Suvendu Adhikari to the BJP. Shah directly attacked TMC chief and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He said, “Why so many people … Read more