Trinamool counterattack on PM Modi’s change speech, put forth facts in response to allegations

PM Modi reached Bengal before the assembly elections to be held a few weeks later. This is his second visit to Bengal in this month. He inaugurated several railway projects in Bengal, including the extension of the North-South line of the Kolkata Metro. PM Modi said that people have decided to vote for change. “

PM Modi’s claim that Bengal was not allowed to develop, but O’Brien said that the average per capita income “more than doubled from 51,543 in 2010 to 1.09 lakh in 2019.”

Derek O’Brien hit back at PM Modi’s statement that Bengal could no longer provide employment to its people due to lack of industries and said that “89 million small businesses are operating in Bengal today as compared to 34.6 lakh in 2012” , Which employs 1.35 crore people. “

PM Modi accused the Trinamool of not allowing Bengal farmers to benefit from the PM-Kisan scheme of the Center and stopping Ayushman Bharat. Derek O’Brien said on both these points that the state has already made plans for farmers which has seen a three-fold increase in income and medical insurance in 10 years.

He wrote that “Bengal provides annual financial assistance of Rs. 6,000 per acre to its farmers. While the maximum financial assistance of Rs. 1,214 is provided under PM-Kisan.” He also said that Mamata Banerjee had sent a list last week to include 2.5 lakh farmers of the state in the Centre’s scheme but “no amount has been disbursed till now”.

He said that the health partner was implemented only two years before Ayushman Bharat. It covered hundred percent population of Bengal and the cost was fully borne by the state government.

The Prime Minister also said that Trinamool has failed to provide drinking water to the people of Bengal. He said that the Center had sanctioned Rs 1,700 crore but only 609 crore was spent. To this, Derek O’Brien said that in a scheme launched by Mamta Banerjee “tap water will be provided to two crore families at a cost of Rs 58,000 crore … which is fully borne by the state.” “

He also claimed that jute and potato industries have been affected in the state. A list of assistance given by the state to the worship committees is also included in the fact-checking on the Prime Minister’s charge of preventing people from worshiping Goddess Durga in Bengal.

Earlier, Derek O’Brien also attacked the Prime Minister for the announcement of new rail routes. He tweeted that “Today, PM has claimed to start new rail routes in Bengal. Lie (Mamta Banerjee as Railway Minister allotted budget, on 25 February 2011! See for yourself …” He A screenshot of PIB’s press release was also attached in the tweet.


Today’s visit of PM Modi to Bengal was part of the aggressive campaign of BJP in these states before the assembly elections in Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Bengal has emerged as a high-profile target for the BJP. The BJP has never been in power in this state before.


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