In West Bengal, farmers have blown the BJP’s sleep

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Kolkata: Farmers in West Bengal have created a new problem for the BJP. Farmer leaders have started holding rallies and mahapanchayats openly declaring that the BJP should not get votes at all. Farmers have now added issues of inflation and unemployment along with agricultural laws. That is why the common man has started coming out in support of the farmers.READ ALSO: Aamir Khan’s flop movies will catch your head, I apologized for one

Farmers on Saturday held Mahapanchayats in West Bengal’s Nandigram constituency and in the capital Kolkata. Gatherings in these Mahapanchayats have raised concerns of the BJP. Until now, the central government felt that the impact of the peasant movement was limited to northern India. Therefore, the BJP’s vote bank in the five constituencies will not suffer.READ ALSO: Make your new car fit right away, avoid the expense of long-term maintenance

Things are changing now. A large number of people are coming to the Mahapanchayats being conducted under the leadership of Samyukta Kisan Morcha. The Kisan Morcha has now started talking on other issues of the country as well. Therefore, besides the farmers, people from other sections have also started joining the movement.

Rakesh Tikait, leader of Bhartiya Kisan Union, termed the Union government as a government of looters and said that when companies run Parliament, such governments do not negotiate, they do business and foreign companies will destroy every sector. He alleged that the train route had been sold and that Corona was being used as an excuse.Also read: The wait is over! OnePlus’s flagship watch launches in India on March 23

He appealed to all to avoid the central government and vote against the BJP. “Vote for anyone but defeat the BJP,” he said, adding that bread should not be allowed to close in the coffers to curb the hunger trade. Tiket said companies like Walmart would influence prices by investing.

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ABP Sanjha - Punjabi News

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