This election will decide the future of Mamta Banerjee, future shape of BJP

This election will decide the future of Mamta Banerjee, future shape of BJP

West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: 5th round of voting to be held on Saturday

To know what the common people think in this election of West Bengal, we also had a conversation with many different types of people. Everyone believes that this time the election is quite different. Meet a gentleman who has seen all the elections since independence. He has participated in this and he also says that he has not seen such an election. They say that what is happening here in the election, it is not going well. There is no talk of issues, no one is talking about employment, no one is talking about health, everybody is not talking about education.

If we are talking about religion and caste… get a musician, his problem is also different. The sector has been the worst hit since the lockdown and has yet to recover. They say that no leader or any party talks about them in their manifesto or in their meeting, they are feeling neglected. There is so much known in this whole election that the Hindi speaking people in this election will definitely be seen in support of the BJP, but on the contrary, those who are Bengali speaking people are blaming their thoughts very much. Do not want to say tax. On talking to them, you will feel that they are a little scared.

It is very telling that for the first time in this election, there is a feeling of opposition against Bangla and Bangla and this is how Mamata Banerjee is promoting it very well, she shouts slogans of Jai Bangla in her rally. If she does not allow West Bengal to become Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, then the real issues are missing in this election, like this time nobody is talking about employment. Due to this, the student class or the youth who do not have jobs are very angry, they say that religion is being talked about here. There is talk of caste here, but no party is talking about jobs here. Everyone hopes that if any party wins or BJP or whether Mamta wins for the third time, then industrialize the state. Especially they think that factories should be set up in Singur or elsewhere, so that a large number of people get jobs.

Another thing has happened, in this election, it is that people’s trust in the Election Commission is becoming less. Even if the Election Commission says that it is flawless. Even if the government says that the Election Commission is fair, even if all political parties say that the Election Commission is fair and everyone trusts the Election Commission, it is public, everyone knows it. The public feels that the election process should not have gone on for such a long time. People are angry at having elections in eight stages in any one state. Common people know that this party, which has the money, the resources, can make air in its favor. Then some such decisions were taken which were taken against Mamata Banerjee. Like to stop them from campaigning. This decision of the Commission has shown a great impact on the people. More credibility of the Election Commission has fallen. Yes, it is a different matter that Mamata did such a political stunt on the decision of the Commission, which benefited her.

In the end, the role of the Election Commission in this dangerous phase of Covid has raised a lot of questions and people have been angry with the Election Commission, people say that the Election Commission has been banned for big rallies and road shows. The stakes were wanted but nothing happened. The Election Commission shook its way by saying only that all parties should follow the Covid Guidelines but no party is following it which seems that after the elections South Bengal If you get to see the Corona explosion, a large number of corona patients will come out .. Elections have to be postponed after the death of a candidate from Corona .. This is the reason why this election of West Bengal is being said Historically, it is definitely political because this election of Bengal will decide what will be the next political future of Mamata Banerjee and what will be the next form of BJP also depends on this election.

(Manoranjan Bharti is ‘Senior Executive Editor – Political News’ at NDTV India.)

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