Meet Karan Maur: A 19-year-old boy earning millions in lockdown

Karan Maur had to do something for money since childhood and he found out at the age of 13 that website is a method that can be a good source of income with very little investment.

A Beginning of Career

In 2015, Karan Maur along with his elder brother and a friend created their first website which was not successful but they did not give up and continued to work hard and since then many websites have been created but learning resources have dwindled.

More than the first 10 websites failed due to lack of knowledge but Karan Maur also wanted to do something in the online world and so he kept on working. He started learning something new every day and developed his skills.

Way to Success

After nearly 5 years of hard work, Karan Maur succeeded in the lockdown of 2020 at the age of 18, along with his elder brother started a digital marketing company which was successful in Lockdown and because many businesses in Lockdown, They were completely shut down and the only reason they were running was that they were working online. So Karan helped a lot of businesses to go online and with this their income grew very well.

Lesson to Learn from Past

He faced many difficulties in the time of Struggle and did not give up and achieved success and after digital marketing, he also succeeded in blogging. He says everything is possible. So we have to keep learning from our past mistakes and not repeat the mistakes that will surely lead us to success in any field.

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