Mask Mistakes for Covid-19: How to Wear a Mask Correctly, Don’t Make These Mistakes

Mask Mistakes for Covid-19: How to Wear a Mask Correctly, Don't Make These Mistakes

Mask Mistakes for Covid-19: Learn what is the right way to wear a mask.

Corona virus has wreaked havoc in India. A new record is being formed on this day. Last year, where people were being told that they can also dab their mouth with a handkerchief, now the government and doctors are saying that wear a double mask. It is being claimed that up to eighty eight percent of infection can be avoided with double mask. The World Health Organization (WHO) also shared the video explaining the right way for people to wear masks. Nor can you protect yourself and others from this virus by wearing a mask in the right way. According to doctors, it reduces the chances of getting infected. But what is the meaning of double mask, how to wear double mask, what are the mistakes that people are making.

Things to keep in mind while wearing a double mask…

1. Fit ho mask

First and foremost, your mask should not be loose. While wearing the mask, you should take special care that it should fit well, that is, there is no place for air to come from it. So that the virus does not reach your mouth or nose from any corner. If you are wearing a loose mask, then wearing it or not is equal, because you are taking all the things inside you.

2. Cover the nose and mouth

The mask may be tight, but if you are adopting the habit that your mask stays on your chin or comes down from your nose, then this habit is not good. It may be that in the 5 hours you are following the mask completely, but in the same 2 minutes you are facing an infection when you have done the mask down from the mouth or nose.


How to Wear Two Masks Properly: There is a pin at one end of the mask, which should be on your nose.

3. Reverse Mask

Even if you are not removing the mask for a moment, you can still be in danger of infection if you are wearing a mask alta. There is a pin at one end of the mask, which should be on your nose. By pressing it, you have to confirm that you can tighten it by pressing it so that the air cannot enter.

4. Do not touch again and again

If you do not take care of the first two things, then your hand will automatically go to the mask. But even after taking care of these things, if you touch the habitual mask repeatedly, then avoid this habit. The exterior of the mask may be contaminated and infected. If you touch it again and again, the risk of infection increases. If for some reason you touch it, then sanitize the hands.

5. A Mask, Once

The most important thing is to use a mask only once. Wear a clean mask every time. Do not wear the mask once worn. If it is deposable after using the mask, destroy it and if it is reusable, wash it thoroughly with hot water and soap and dry it in the sun.

How to do double mask How To Wear Double Mask

First of all, wear surgical mask.
– If it is loose, then cross the strips and put them in the ear. This will make it lighter tight.
Now close the empty space by pressing the wire on the upper part of the mask with the help of fingers.
– See if the air is not going anywhere in the mask. Breathe out for this. If it is coming out, then the mask needs to be tightened further.
– When you have worn the surgical mask tightly, then wear a three layer mask of the cloth over it.

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