Due to India, Sri Lanka canceled the speech of Pakistani PM Imran Khan in his Parliament.

Sri Lanka canceled Pakistani PM Imran Khan's speech in his Parliament because of India

Imran Khan had a chance to speak in the Parliament of Sri Lanka, but now the speech is canceled. (File photo)


Fearing a situation of dispute with India, Sri Lanka has canceled the proposed speech of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in his Parliament. In his report, titled ‘Sri Lanka avoids clash with India by cancelling Khan’s Parliament speech’ in Colombo Gazette, Dar Javed has said that the Sri Lankan government cannot jeopardize its relationship with the Indian government at a time when it is in China. The debt trap is getting entangled and India is helping many countries by exporting Covid-19 vaccines. India has recently given five lakh doses of Covishield vaccine to Sri Lanka.

In the last few months, there has been an anti-Muslim atmosphere in Sri Lanka as the people of Buddhist community there are opposing the animal sacrifice in mosques. There is a possibility that Imran Khan would have played the Muslim card in his speech because he did the same in Afghanistan last year.

What else is written in the article?

Javed said in his report that the Pakistani Prime Minister had supported the Taliban in 2012, saying that terrorist activities are ‘jihad’, which is rightly stated in Islamic law. He further wrote that ‘He used the General Assembly of the United Nations to carry out Muslim objectives, which often appear to be entangled with the internal issues of other countries. In October 2020, he asked Muslim-dominated countries to protest when French President Emmanuel Macro expressed concern over the murder of a teacher on behalf of a fundamentalist. He wrote to the leaders of such countries and asked them to ‘oppose Islamophobia growing in non-Muslim dominated countries’.

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If we look at the past events, then it can be said that ‘giving them a chance to speak in Parliament will be equal to playing with death. They will use this platform to do such things, which will bring worrying results to both the Buddhist community of Sri Lanka and the Rajapaksa government. Javed further wrote, “The way Imran Khan accepted the appeal of the Sri Lankan Muslim leaders, it was clear that he would raise the issue of exploitation of minorities during his speech.”

Imran Khan commented on Sri Lankan issue

Earlier, All-Ceylon Makkal Congress leader Rishad Bathiuddin had demanded the Pakistani government to intervene on the Sri Lankan government’s Covid-19 guideline, under which the people who died of the virus are being cremated. Imran Khan publicly commented on the bodies being buried.


On the other hand, while Imran Khan is raising the issue of dealing with the Muslim community in other countries, on the other hand, the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women has said in a report that the situation on religious freedom in their country It is constantly getting worse. The Commission has said that people of minority communities in Pakistan are seen as second class citizens. In addition, several intellectual heritage sites in Pakistan were demolished recently.

Ever since the Organization of Islamic Cooperation rejected Pakistan’s proposal to raise the Kashmir issue, Imran Khan has been bent on getting the support of Muslim countries and proving himself a champion on the global Muslim platform. In such a situation, the withdrawal of the opportunity to give a speech in the Parliament of the Buddhist-dominated country has created an embarrassing situation for Imran Khan.


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