BJP is creating communal struggle to win elections in Bengal: Mamata Banerjee

Both Owaisi and Siddiqui had earlier rejected the allegations of the Trinamool Congress. The ISF is contesting the alliance with the CPI (M) and the Congress. Banerjee also urged Hindus to be cautious of the BJP’s efforts to “incite communal clashes”. He told them to stay away from the outsiders who have been sent to create trouble in their areas. Insisting on her Hindu identity, Banerjee said, “I am a Hindu who chants the Chandi Mantra every day before leaving home.” But I believe in my tradition of honoring every religion. “She said,” I am the daughter of a Hindu household. I get all the mantras which are pronounced for Maa Chandi and Maa Jagadatri. How many of them (BJP leaders) can do this? ”

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Mamta targeted those BJP leaders who visited the houses of Dalit voters and dined there. He said, “I am a Brahmin woman but my close aide is a Scheduled Caste woman who takes care of my every need.” She also cooks food for me. “Banerjee said,” I don’t need to promote it because those who are getting food from five star hotels to eat food in the courtyard of Dalits are anti-Dalit, backward class He is anti-minority and anti-minority. “He claimed that if the BJP came to power in West Bengal, it would implement the amended Citizenship Act and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) which would” make many citizens go from here.

He said, “They will divide West Bengal and its people.” Recall how they removed the names of 14 lakh Bengalis and two lakh Biharis in the NRC in Assam. ”Banerjee alleged that“ Central forces are threatening and threatening the people of every household 48 hours before the voting. Asking to vote for. “He said,” Don’t be afraid. Mothers and sisters challenge them. We have no problem if the central forces work impartially to ensure fair elections but if they work on behalf of a particular political party, we will protest. ”

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The Chief Minister alleged that “outsiders” in Nandigram constituency in East Medinipur district tried to rig the elections. Banerjee has contested against BJP candidate Shubhendu Adhikari in Nandigram. He said, “An attempt was made to rig the elections in Nandigram. Nandigram had a local hoodie with outsider goons as they went to threaten people. This is their form. However, nothing can stop me from winning. “They said,” They brought goons from Bihar and conspired to surround me with petrol bombs, but the people of Nandigram thwarted them when they defended me. In Kulpi, during the second meeting of the day, the Chief Minister said, “BJP does not know anything about Bengal which worships Durga, Kali, Shiva, Krishna, Sheetla with devotion.” , While Eid also celebrates with equal enthusiasm. ”

He said that it is a shame that “people like Amit Shah are addressing the meetings of Rabindranath Tagore, Qazi Nazrul Islam, Swami Vivekananda and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar on earth”. He said, “Whatever these rioters, humanity They should be ashamed when they attend public meetings called by the killers. “He said,” Should you (people) join the BJP’s meeting on offering 500 rupees? ” In which a man is seen saying that he voted for the BJP after getting sweets, sweets and 500 rupees in cash. Banerjee said, “On the one hand, the BJP has increased the prices of LPG, and on the other hand they are distributing money received from the PM Cares fund, demonetisation.” It is learned about the worker’s wife who is worried because “BJP goons have threatened to kidnap her daughter.”

Mamta taunted BJP, ‘who are asking for food from five star hotel to eat food at Dalit house’

He said, “A Muslim family living in his neighborhood has given him shelter and this has once again brought out the inherent goodwill between Hindus and Muslims in Bengal.” He said, “BJP does not represent real Hindus , He is a party of rioters, murderers. “Criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of Bangladesh during the elections, he said,” This was his attempt to beg for votes. “In 1905, Banerjee in Tarkeshwar in Hooghly district Talking about the partition of Bengal and about how Hindus and Muslims fought together against partition, he said that the BJP is trying to create division and rift among the people of the state as well. Trinamool Congress Taking a dig at the leaders who joined the BJP, he said that Debashree Roy, the current MLA from Raidigh and actress Debashree Roy joined the BJP after not getting a ticket from this seat.

He said, “We do not want such opportunists in our party.” Banerjee said that the Trinamool Congress is contesting on the development front. He said, “Infrastructural development was done in Sundarbans. The state government took the initiative to provide undamaged food for five rupees and women participating in self-help groups in the area are involved in this initiative.

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