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Top trending technologies & innovation in 2019

Every New Year must be thinking of doing something different and better so that their life style can improve – in this case, one wants to know which 5G Smartphone will be launched in 2021? When will exams like NEET, GATE be paper? This year, we will get to see which new futuristic & trending technology.

Trending technologies always attract us whether it is smartphones, laptops, camera or anything else. We will all have our own plan that what to do in this 2021? I am going to tell you about some such technologies, devices that are going to come in the market in 2021.

Upcoming Technologies 2021:

2018 was named after Jio, 4G and powerful smartphones – this year we get to see many new and modern technology. Next year in 2021, we will get to see better and trend technologies that will make our lifestyle more smart and smart. The first number comes in it.

5G Technology:

All smartphones, telecom and processor companies are competing in who will launch 5G first in 2021. Recently, the leaks of LG G8 smartphone have gone viral on the internet, in which 5G internet technology can be seen firstly, as well as 3D camera will also be seen in this phone for the first time.

Nothing can be said about when 5G Mobile will launch in India, but Reliance Jio can launch 5G SIM in 2021. 5g is very fast & reliable as compared to 4G, in which we can get speed from 300Mbps to 1000Mbps.

Nokia has also introduced 5G technology, in which we can get 19GBPs speed.

Foldable Smartphone:

If you want to buy a big screen smartphone, this foldable phone coming in 2021 may be the best for you. Samsung, which is the world’s largest brand for making smartphones – In the year 2018, it brought the concept of foldable smartphone to the world for the first time at an event.

This foldable smartphone from Samsung may be launched publicly in the year 2021 with a futuristic technology. The best thing about this phone is that we can fold its screen and make a screen when needed.

Reliance Jio DTH & JioPhone 3:

In 2018, we kept waiting for the launch date of jio DTH but we could not see it. Meanwhile, TRAI also gave an update of the new Traffic Plan to all broadcasters and operators. If you do not know then look here – TRAI DTH Channel Price 2021

Reliance Jio DTH may come with a new plan in the market this year, in which users will get to watch free TV channels for 3 months.

With this, Jio is planning to launch another new phone this year which will support 5G technology but not 4G and will be named JioPhone 3

Bendable Laptop:

At this time if we turn our laptop screen a little, it may break or stop working. But by the end of 2021, there is a possibility of such laptops coming in the market, whose screen we can bend according to our needs.

This will be completely different from Curve TV’s fixed bend screen – users can bend the bendable laptop screen according to their own location, it was told by a private company at a technology event in 2018 and showed a concept bendable laptop. Was

Futuristic Gadgets 2021:

Not only smart phones, Internet and laptops, we will also see many new futuristic devices that will make the work related to Banking, Health very safe and easy.

In which there is a popular gadget Digital Card wallet – It was first launched with Samsung but it did not become popular, so in 2021, we can get a different card wallet where we can scan and store our physical card.

So far, we can operate devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa through voice command, but in 2021, we have Artificial Intelligence You can see gadget that can operate from Gesture and give commands to the device.

Friends, these are all the most trend technologies which are going to be launched in 2021. Maybe our 4G phone will also become outdated next year and we have to buy 5G smartphone to use Jio SIM. Technology is making all our work so easy and better that by using them, we can do a lot of work related to health, daily routine in a pinch. If you have information about such a trending technology 2021, then you must share in the comment.

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