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How to download video on Jio Phone?

Are you Video download on Jio Phone Want to do? If yes, then you are at the right place, we will talk here how you can use popular applications of Android on Jio Phone and can download direct video from popular apps like YouTube, Dailymotion. In such a situation, if a person has a Jio Phone and needs information about the video downloading trick, then stay with us.

A lot of people know about Jio Phone video download tricks and online editor, but still there are some people who do not know about these ideas, so they are only able to use the phone to call the movie, songs on it. And do not see other videos. But if one really wants to know the method by which video can be downloaded on Jio Phone, then for this, every single steps mentioned here will have to be watched carefully.

Download video on Jio Phone

Can you download video on Jio Phone?

There are many people who think that video cannot be downloaded on Jio Phone because they think that the video will not play on such a small phone. But the truth is that now in the new update, Jio Phone is also giving YouTube and many people have downloaded YouTube on Jio Phone and every day they watch online videos.

It is absolutely wrong for a person to believe that video download cannot be done on Jio Phone. There are not many ways on the Internet through which you can download YouTube videos on Jio Phone and we are going to tell about one of those ways here. In such a situation, for those who have updated the phone and are using YouTube, it is very easy to download the video in this way.

But if your phone does not yet have YouTube, then first you download YouTube from the tips mentioned here and login your account in it.

How to download YouTube in Jio Phone?

Download YouTube on Jio Phone

Do not use some tricks to download YouTube in Jio Phone, because now it is found on its official store. In such a situation, all you have to do is to update to KaiOS 2.5 or above, after that you will see YouTube app on Jio store, from which you can download and install in one click.

  • First you update the Jio Phone and then restart.
  • Go to Jio App Store and search YouTube.
  • Install YouTube by clicking on the Install button.

Now everyone’s Jio Phone is ready and everyone will be able to watch online video on YouTube, now it is the turn to know how to download video in Jio phone and what is the technology for it. So let’s know about it in detail

How to download video on Jio Phone?

Jio Phone is a feature phone, but there is a lot of grief in it and the most happy thing is that the video plays on this phone and for this reason anyone can download the video from social media, internet anywhere and play it on the Jio phone. The recharge of the finished Jio Phone is also cheaper than others, in which the customer has another benefit.

Jio phone users can download movies, show anything using the internet and can watch them offline whenever needed. For this, just a few easy steps need to be followed if you have YouTube on your phone,

step 1. Open the YouTube App in Jio Phone.

Step 2. Play any video you like.

Step 3. Copy the URL of the video.

Step 4. Paste the YouTube video URL on the browser.

Step 5. Now append ss to the beginning of the video URL (

Step 6. Press the Ok button from the keypad.

Step 7. The video URL will be redirected to another website and the download button will appear here.

Step 8. Download the video by clicking on the download button.

This is the easiest way to download videos on Jio phone and any video can be downloaded from it. There are many ways in which the user has to make changes in the settings of the phone, which is not right for the phone. In such a situation, if you want to use easy and safe method, then always use live phone for video downloading.

Friends, hope you all have liked this information and you have got the idea that how to download YouTube on Jio Phone and how to download the video if you need it. Jio phone may be a feature phone but there are many functions in it, if you explore the internet, then you can get information about more such methods. If there is any question or suggestion, then please comment.

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